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    Beautiful but not real
    The fact is that the film is very good. An interesting plot, good, thrilling action with a few great scenes, good acting (especially supporting actors), the film as a drama is good, but it is not a production that fully reflects the environment people talk about. I am a man who long ago was interested in the life and death of Pablo Escobar, which is why I also met, often deeply, many biographies of his friends and associates. I have read several books describing the then world of drug dealers and barons and their families. I am also familiar with positions describing the world on the other side of the barricade, namely policemen and anti-drug teams. "Blow", how good it would be, it shows us the world censored and deprived of the huge brutality of the criminal world. George Jung was a murderer, and not only because he sold death in the form of drugs, but he simply killed, even business partners.

    In addition, he had on his services killers, which he used quite often which allows him to think of him as a cold bastard (which he was), and in the film we see an idealized picture of a quiet romantic who is relaxed, even when he is arrested by the federal. In addition, the whole film does not use violence. Image as sweet as unreal. People like him lived in great luxury, but also in constant stress and tension, they were intimidated (not only by the competition, but also by the police), there were also assassinations of their own and their relatives. In the film, Jung's life is shown as a series of successes against the drug business with a few pitfalls that he can deal with without much difficulty (of course, skipping the final one). Generally speaking, the criminal underworld in "Blow" is made up of people who are cultured, calm and satisfied with life, which in turn is devoid of brutality (except for the scene when Escobar kills a disloyal collaborator). technology boss liked the film very much. It's a good drama with a good cast that performs well.

    Unfortunately, as a biographical film, treating Jung's criminal career is too censored and sometimes distorted for me, and the world of drug cartels is not true for many light years. I also realize that the film is governed by its own laws and the director wanted the viewer to identify with the main character, so he could not present the monster in human skin, but it seems to me that he could shoot a picture closer to the truth. Undoubtedly, the applause belongs to the writer who created some great and moving scenes, an example is the moment when Jung records a message for his father. Production also looks good from the music side, slow, melancholy songs fit well into the atmosphere of the film. The image organizer and the person responsible for the photos have chosen plein-air locations that are pleasing to the eye, despite the fact that the camera's work is quite typical, but thanks to this, you can focus more on the actors and their playing. If someone is expecting a biographical film, I would rather consult the biography of Jung in book form. .

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