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Creative Marketing Ideas For Jewelry Stores
Luxury stores are having a difficult time in this economic recession. When wallets tighten, sales of luxury products drop considerably. As a jeweler, you're probably looking for ways to reach customers affordably and effectively. Great ideas can spur sales, so it's always a good idea to try new things. One of these promotional ideas could be just the trick to reenergizing your business.

Free cleaning/sizing-It's important to look for ways to keep your customers coming back to your store. By offering additional services like free cleaning and resizing, you're retaining customers and building their loyalty to your store. Not to mention, every time they come in you have another sales opportunity. Add information about the services you offer to your points-of-purchase using vinyl decals, so that customers will be aware that you will take care of them after the purchase. Sign makeover-Capitalize on the opulence and high-class of your industry. Customers want to feel special when they come to your store, so use your signage to convey a sense of exclusivity. Etched glass decals are a great product for this-they can be used on your door or window to list your business name and hours in an elegant font, and they can also be used as decorative touches on your display cases. Not so much to detract from seeing your merchandise, of course, but just enough to give your store a unique and elegant look. Loan program-The best way to sell more product is to show more product. When customers see your jewelry on their friends, family, and other influencers, they are more likely to buy it as well. Thus, jewelry store out some of your best-selling pieces to influential people in your town for important events that will be highly-visible. Local "celebrities" like the city mayor (or mayor's wife), beauty pageant contestants and winners, and even school Homecoming queen or Prom queen candidates can all be wearing your jewelry during their big moments. This shows support for your community and also shows off your great products. Signature events-Hosting events at your store is a great way to reach out to new customers. Partner with local businesses to create an annual occasion that customers will anticipate. This could be a sale preview or even an Engagement Extravaganza that features your engagement rings and gives newly-betrothed couples a chance to mingle with each other and learn tips and advice for their upcoming wedding. Decorate your store for this event with window clings-since these don't have adhesive, you can peel them off and save them for the next event. Home parties-At-home jewelry businesses have become very popular as they allow customers to socialize during the jewelry-buying experience. Why can't your store do the same? Target jewelry store and see if they'd be interested in hosting an at-home party with their closest friends. In return, offer your customer a discount off a purchase or even some free merchandise.

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