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    Zumba classes have become a trend in our area, and Zumba can be found almost anywhere, the question is whether this trend will hold or is it a passing phenomenon.
    I can't predict the future, but the level of injuries can certainly be a significant factor in the future of the zombie.
    Injuries caused by physical activity are a natural process for any gymnast. The question is how the injury is treated and how it can be prevented.

    What are the common injuries in the Zumba class?

    Since it is a class consisting entirely of Latin dance most of the load will fall on the legs and knees, without proper work and awareness, excessive loads can be created on the various joints, ankles, knees and pelvis. The main problem is the injuries over time, those feelings that appear early and undiagnosed correctly can build up to a recurring injury will be problematic.
    Occasionally, the market is prone to tingling or ankle pressure and neglected assuming that the phenomenon passes but without regard to sensations we may find ourselves "out of the game", whether it is ankle pricking or knee and pelvic erosion.

    How to avoid these injuries?

    Each of us has a different body structure and it must be acknowledged, some are very flexible and some less, some have strong body and legs and some have weakness in the core and limbs. It is important to recognize our weaknesses and to know what to watch out for and what to strengthen. You must buy a high quality shoes One that can hold you safe and stable on your feet. This is exteremly important!

    If you are overly flexible you will have the potential to over-lean the straps and injure your ankles and knees. If you are not flexible enough you may damage your lower back.
    So in the first phase you will be aware of your body, in the second stage I recommend combining Zumba lessons with lessons that strengthen the body in sitting and lying down without stress on your legs so you can strengthen your abdominal and limb muscles in addition to the Zumba lesson.

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