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About jianghead26


    I am a simple man, just scrapping things around. My son tells me I'm a hoarder, but I strongly disagree. It's not like my life depends on it. But he is right, I can get over the line sometimes. That is especially the case for my birthday. It is a time of year that I go completely crazy. I buy whatever gets under my fingers and that I find even remotely useful. I guess it reminds me of nice gifts and birthday wishes I used to get as a kid.

    That's, at least, how it was in the past. Nowadays I am a bit more grown up and I don't keep my stuff for that much longer anymore. Now I just sell anything that has been in my property for more than two years, and I haven't used it at all in that time. That is how I celebrate my birthdays today. One month prior to my birthday I put up these things on sale. Whatever income I generate, that is my budget to spend on myself for my birthday. One hell of a motivation to stop hoarding things. And I can always wish myself a nice birthday.

    When I am not selling or hoarding things, I spend the rest of the money for birthday gifts of my kids. That is even greater motivation for not hoarding things. In fact, this became a large part of my house budget. Well, 98% of it exactly. You see, I'm a scrapper. It's my job. I am not offended if you disrespect me for it. I know more about science than most of people, and I am always happy for my friends birthdays. Hope you can say the same.

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