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    New players often have problems, and one of them is which slot to choose, because an extensive selection of slots just confuses. Everyone wants to choose a machine that generates substantial wins more often than others, because that's what we dream about! Immediately it should be noted that the task is not the simplest, to test more than five hundred slots offered in the casino will be difficult. And you need to choose the one that meets the goals and expectations of the player.

    This article focuses mainly on high-dispersion slots that are popular all over the world. But at the same time, we should not forget that there are plenty of alternative options. I hope that I will help beginners decide on the choice of the online casino free spins, so as not to waste time studying dozens of similar models.

    Dispersion slot - what is it?

    The variance of slots, or variability, is a mathematical term explaining how far there is a deviation from the expected indicator. For example, if the slot is low dispersive, it should often give out cheap wins, and there should be no significant deviation from the return coefficient, which was originally provided by the manufacturer. As for slots with high variance, in this case there may be a significant difference between the minimum possible gain and the maximum. In such slots, the game can have sharp drops, from bottom to top, and vice versa.

    Experienced gamblers have adapted to such phenomena, and therefore the slots are divided into three groups. These are low dispersion, medium dispersion, and high dispersion slots. If you compare other games, such as roulette and blackjack, even slots with low variance can give you a good multiplier for your bet. For example, the slot from the Netent Bloodsuckers is low dispersion, it is perfect for laundering bonuses (of course, where it is allowed), because there is a high expected return rate with a very low slot variability.

    Highly dispersive slots can also have a high RTP, but they can also get a huge gain at relatively low rates. You will certainly like that such slots are designed and selected in such a way that almost all slots with expected low winnings will be three steps behind their bonus rounds and meager BIG WINs.

    You will definitely like the fact that such slots are drawn and designed so that most slots with expected low wins will be 3 heads down, with their meager BIG WINs and bonus rounds. The slots having an average dispersion, of course, are located approximately in the middle.

    If you choose highly dispersive slots, then note that the risk when playing will be higher. And here either you need to take this risk of losing a big win, or stop at a more tedious and long game that does not provide the desired adrenaline. If you are aiming for high wins that exceed your bet more than a thousand times, then the best choice for you is high dispersion slots. But, at the same time, if you do not want to take too much risk, and at the same time it is desirable to stay longer in the game, slots with medium and low variance will be fine.

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