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    My name is Dani Kraus...

    One year ago, one of the professional sprint dogs joined a running competition of no less than 87 km. Despite the disbelief of event organizers and trainers, the crowd and even the other participants, it was actually the runner who got tired first. Dogs have amazing sporting abilities, when Only dogs are given the opportunity to train. Running dogs are not only an Israeli phenomenon. In the United States and other running capitals around the world, dogs are high quality, professional, and excellent athletes for long runs.

    Despite the dogs' innate talent for running, there are quite a few restraints and details to keep in mind before you take your dog out for 10 miles. There are dogs that are unsuitable for running like puppies, certain dog breeds, types of dogs that tend to develop typical problems, puppies of specific breeds and more. Molly Pets is proud to introduce you to the Dog ramp solution. What is allowed to do? How much is allowed to run? Which dogs are allowed to run and which ones are not? Everything's important to know before sending your little one to the next marathon.

    Fitness Index

    So right, maybe around the world there are quite a few dogs capable of running marathons but not sure your little dog is in the right fit for running a mini marathon now. Just like the humans, the walking, sorry, the runners on four need constant training and training to develop impressive athletic fitness.

    It is both age and exercise

    So we've concluded that your little one needs to be put out for repetitive training before sending it to the running tracks for the pros, but that's not the only qualification. Dog puppies, for example, are not suitable for running before they are at least one year old. This is because dog bones need to develop and their bodies to stabilize and strengthen. Puppies cannot tell that it is difficult or painful to them, and the enjoyment of the sport also causes them not to notice the effects of running on their physical sensations. Another factor to consider before running with puppies is the end of the vaccination period. This is to protect against dangerous environmental phenomena and even possible attacks by other dogs.

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