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    In your journey to become an affiliate marketer, you may meet many teachers on the internet who are willing to sell you their prescription for success and accompanying instructional course. Some of them will work, some of them are based on old, ineffective methods, and some of them will be outright scams. Even if the internet teacher is giving you great training, it's important to follow his methods and not duplicate the site or information he is using to illustrate his method. No matter how many times an internet teacher tells a beginner not to research the exact same keyword or use the same niche that the teacher is using to illustrate his training, he knows from experience that many of his students will follow exactly what he is doing.

    Why does this lead to failure for the new student? After all, many new students are thinking, "He is the expert, so if I do exactly what he is doing, I'll be successful." But copying exactly the same keyword, creating the same niche, just leads to hundreds, if not thousands, of new affiliate marketing students all trying to compete in the same niche, with the same keywords, the same techniques, and the same level of expertise.

    Follow the methods taught to attain success, not the exact keywords or niches. After all, if you develop your own niche using your own interests, expertise, and passions, you'll be much more likely to persevere and succeed. Haven't you had enough of trying to follow someone else's dream? It's time to follow your own!

    For most of our lives, we live with other people determining what we do and when we do it. Our schedules each day are determined for us. Your parents are your first bosses. Then they pass you off to your teachers, who determine not only a large part of your day but want to help determine the rest of your life.

    One of the advantages of being an affiliate marketer is you have the freedom to plan your own business. You can schedule your time so that you work each day to achieve your affiliate marketing goals. Or you can slack off, waste time on unproductive activities, chase the next shiny object, and fool yourself into believing you're working -- and never reach the affiliate marketing success you deserve. The choice is yours. Your whole path is before you like a blank slate. But you need a little help getting started.

    The freedom affiliate marketing allows is also your burden since your success is in your hands. It's all up to you! In this Article, you find out how to set goals for your business, assess the skills you have and need, and build your ability to focus -- all key steps before you officially take the affiliate marketing plunge.

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