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    Use of Space Hosting. After some time used, the amount of disk space usage in the hosting account will gradually increase and the quota disk space can be full if we often update website content or post on blog / web. Please note that disk space quotas include the use of email (including Sent and Trash folders), databases and of course the website files located in the public_html folder.

    Know the statistics of the use of space hosting. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Actually we can immediately see the amount of disk space used and the rest by looking at the status in the CPanel page on the left panel. But this status is not realtime, so it must wait a few minutes for its status to be refreshed and show its true value.

    The most recommended way is to use the Disk Space Usage menu contained in CPanel: From here we can see the size of each directory so we can know which folder to make our hosting account full. Example looks are as follows: Then under it there is a detailed list of disk space usage per folder, we can click on the folder name to know the status of disk space usage in the subfolder underneath.

    What happens if the hosting is full? If your hosting account is full, there are some annoyances that may arise, including: Can not receive / send email. Can not upload data / file to hosting account. The emergence of error 500 (internal server error) on the website. If the full make is the public_html directory, you should delete the unused files to save disk space.

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